Gifts of Stocks and Bonds

A Great Gift with Tax Benefits

Gifts of stocks and bonds offer many benefits. You can receive a charitable income tax deduction and avoid paying capital gains tax on the sale of appreciated stock.

How to Donate Securities

The method of transfer depends on how you currently hold the securities. If you have a paper certificate, your gift can be mailed or hand delivered. The certificate, along with a letter of instruction regarding the purpose for which the gift is to be used, may be mailed or hand delivered to the following address:

Christian Network Foundation
17001 Prairie Star Parkway, Suite 200
Lenexa, KS 66220

We recommend that you use registered or certified mail to send the certificate. In a separate envelope, please mail a signed Stock or Bond Power. The Stock or Bond Power can be obtained from your broker or from the Foundation. Please contact us at 913-577-2983 for the form.

If the security is held in a brokerage account, your gift can be transferred electronically.

Transfers can be made into the Foundation’s main brokerage account from another brokerage account by using the following instructions:

Christian Network Foundation
Account # 1872-9335
Charles Schwab & Co.
DTC # 0164
Contact: Sheree Mapp or Kathryn Richwine at 770-449-7799

Any electronic transfer should be accompanied by written notice to the Foundation with the following information:

  • Donor’s name
  • Name of stock and number of shares being transferred
  • Purpose for which the gift is to be used

This notice may be mailed to the address above, faxed to 913-577-0898, or emailed to

Gifts of Mutual Funds

The process for giving mutual fund shares varies by company, so please contact the Foundation at 913-577-2983 for specific instructions.

Income Tax Deduction

The Foundation will issue you a tax receipt for your gift of securities.

For More Information

If you have questions, contact us at 913-577-2983.