Plan Your Giving

Whether you would like to give directly or through a gift model, it’s important to examine your giving goals and make your wishes known.

Why It’s Important to Plan

1. To ensure that your final wishes will be fulfilled

Making your wishes known to loved ones regarding the distribution of your assets after you pass away is no guarantee that things will be carried out as you specify. The best way to ensure that your instructions are followed is to record them in a legal document and distribute them to interested parties.

2. To give yourself time for research

You may be interested in researching:

  • the organizations you are interested in donating to
  • different types of planned gift models
  • tax advantages of various ways to give

3. To have the opportunity to adjust your plans

Even if you have an idea of how and where you want to give, your passions and goals may change with time. Sketching a giving plan can give you the time needed to set aside money to give to additional ministries you choose. 

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