An endowment provides ongoing funding for the ministry of your choice by distributing funds from your gift to that ministry each year, in perpetuity. You can endow any ministry or ministry project, including a local church, school or university, or global mission field.

Benefits of an Endowment

  • Provides sustainable, future income to ministry instead of a single gift
  • Can be named after anyone you wish to honor, including family, friends, or mentors
  • Allows you to create a legacy that will continue to bless others for years into the future

How an Endowment Works

Endowments are one of the most popular forms of giving because they produce sustainable income for ministry--forever. This means that your gift will continue to give in perpetuity, even after you are gone. Endowments can be established with one large gift, a series of smaller gifts, or through a will or trust. Funds are deposited with the Foundation, and every year a portion of the income is distributed in your name to the ministry or ministries you have designated. Typically, an endowment distributes 5% of its market value.

What Can I Give?

  • Cash
  • Stocks or bonds
  • Real estate
  • Life insurance policies
  • Any item of marketable value