Charitable Lead Trusts

A Charitable Lead Trust allows you to provide an annual income to the ministry or church that you care about, while giving you the ability to pass on some of your assets to family with significantly reduced estate or gift taxes.

Benefits of a Charitable Lead Trust

  • Receive a gift or estate tax charitable deduction
  • Pass inheritance on to family at a reduced or zero cost
  • Establish a vehicle from which you can make annual gifts to charity

How a Charitable Lead Trust Works

You make a gift or your property or assets to fund a trust. That trust makes annual payments to your local church, child sponsorship, missions work, disaster relief, or any other ministry that you choose. This gift is invaluable to ministries because it provides them with a stable source of income for years. After the set period of time has passed, your family receives the trust assets plus any additional growth in value-usually with little to no taxes imposed on the gift.

Assets to fund a Charitable Lead Trust:

  • Appreciated securities like stocks or bonds
  • Rental properties that have increased in value
  • Collectibles like antiques, paintings, and other valuables