Child Sponsorship Endowment

Whether you're considering a child sponsorship or already sponsoring a child, a child sponsorship endowment can stretch your dollars and increase your ministry impact on your sponsored child. With a one-time donation of $8,000, you can sponsor your child throughout his or her lifetime. After your child ages out of the program, those dollars will be used to sponsor another child. And another, and another, into perpetuity.

Here's how it works. Your donation will be invested by the Church of the Nazarene Foundation, and the income earned will be distributed to fund the sponsorship. The principal is never touched, and therefore, you can sponsor child after child, year after year.

Additionally, linked-together ministries through the Church of the Nazarene will increase your impact on your sponsored child.

Linked-Together Ministries Increase Effectiveness of Support

Your gift to Nazarene Child Sponsorship will reach the children you desire to help. And, as importantly, your gift will be supported by:

  • Nazarene disaster relief
  • Nazarene community development relief
  • Nazarene ministry in war-torn nations

And the child you want to help may also be:

  • Shown the JESUS film by a Nazarene evangelism team
  • Discipled in a Nazarene Sunday school
  • Strengthened by a Nazarene healthcare volunteer
  • Taught to read using Scripture and Nazarene literature

With many more possibilities abounding for ministry to your sponsored child.

Linked-together ministries allow Jesus to multiply many times over what your gift will provide. And the Church of the Nazarene's strength is a proven track record of linked-together vital ministries that ensure long-term effectiveness.

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