Don Lain

Don Lain, D.Min.

Vice President of Gift Planning

Don Lain

Dr. Donald E. Lain was born in Kansas City and raised in a church parsonage. At age 13, his family became missionaries to Haiti after one year in Albertville, France. Don graduated from international high school in Port-au-Prince. He earned a Master of Divinity degree in 1988 and completed his Doctor of Ministry degree at Asbury Theological Seminary in 2009.

"I strongly believe that Christian finance is more than simply making financial decisions; these are also important spiritual decisions. Throughout my ministry, I have been privileged to assist dozens of families trapped in financial bondage. As I helped them regain control over their finances, many of these families discovered both financial freedom and a richer spiritual life. Having now joined the Foundation team, there is great joy in working with those whom God has blessed and who now desire to be a blessing to others. As we make financial decisions that advance God's Kingdom, new depths of spiritual life follow. This financial and spiritual combination makes this ministry very rewarding."

Don has been happily married since October 1, 1983, to his wife, Nancy (Rhoades). They have been blessed with two daughters and a son-in-law. Abigail lives in Delaware, Ohio, with her husband Billy Wisneski and dog Sadie. Their teenaged daughter, Christa, is very active in her church youth group and high school.

Don enjoys working in the yard, playing golf, collecting coins, and spending time with family. His passion is prayer.